My DVR Won't Record / How Do I Format my Hard Drive?
(For the SBN4/8/6 -- SAN4/8)

These instructions will walk you through formatting the hard drive in your DVR. You will not be able to record until the hard drive format has been done.

This must be done any time a new hard drive is installed in the DVR.  It is also recommended you format the hard drive after adjusting the time and date when first setting up the DVR. 

Note: Navigating through the DVR is most easily accomplished with the mouse that came with it.
Note: A constant beeping sound is often an indication your hard drive needs to be formatted. The beeping will stop when the format is finished.

After the DVR has booted up right-click the mouse to log in. The default password is either 111111 or 888888.


After logging in, right-click the mouse 2 times to bring up the toolbar along the bottom. From this toolbar select the far left icon that looks like a gear and says "Settings" when the mouse is over the icon. 


After entering the "Settings" menu, you will be on the System tab in the menu. You will need to click the Maintenance tab at the top. From the maintenance tab, you will click
the star on the third line down marked "HDD MANAGE"


When your "HDD Manage" window comes up it should list your hard drive in the gray area in the center. If your hard drive is not detected you may have antoher issue.
Assuming your hard drive is listed, click the "Formatting" button in the bottom left.


When you receive the popup to continue click "Yes." DO NOT unplug, press any buttons, or change menus on the DVR while it is formatting the hard drive.


When the DVR finishes you will receive a pop-up showing it has completed. You may click "OK", exit the menu, and you are finished. It is not uncommon for the DVR to
freeze on the last part and reboot itself after a moment. If this happens the format has still completed, and your DVR will be able to record when the DVR reboots.

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