How or Why do I Format the Hard-Drive on my ZMD-DT-SFN6?

This article will walk you through formatting your hard-drive on a Zmodo ZMD-DT-SFN model DVR.

NOTE: This proccess will erase all data currently on the hard-drive. This includes video if you have used this hard-drive to record previously.

This is a required process that must be done any time a hard-drive is installed in a DVR in order for it to be able to record video.
If you see the below prompt when turning on your DVR then it means this proccess has not been done or the DVR does not recognize that it has.

Once the DVR has booted all the way up right click the mouse to bring up the sub-menu. Select "Setup". You will be asked to log in if you haven't already. The default login is already entered for you as "admin" and no password. Click ok. After having logged in right click to bring your sub-menu up one more time and click "Setup" one more time to enter the main menu.


From the main menu you will select the "System tools" option, and from the system tools menu you will select "HDD management" as shown in the pictures below.


Fromt the HDD managent menu you should see your hard-drive listed on the page. You will need to click the "Format" checkbox on the right side of the line the hard-drive is listed on, then click the "Format" button itself just below it. You will be given a prompt asking if you want to continue. Choose yes.


After selecting "Yes" you will receive a progress window, and finally a pop up letting you know it has completed formatting. When it is done exit the menu completely(The HDD page will not be updated until it the menu has been exited as well). Your hard-drive is now formatted and your DVR is ready for you to set up recording.

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