How do I Play Back Video Recorded on my ZMD-DT-SFN6?

This article will guide you through playing back previously recorded video on the ZMD-DT-SFN6

Once the DVR has booted all the way up right click the mouse to bring up the sub-menu. Select "Video playback". You will be asked to log in if you haven't already. The default login is already entered for you as "admin" and no password. Click ok. After having logged in right click to bring your menu up one more time and click "Video playback" one more time to enter the playback page.


In the video playback page the first thing we want to do is select the desired channels to playback among the available channels up top. After selecting your channels adjust the date to reflect the day you wish to play back and then press "Search".


Once you've pressed search you will see the grid below light up. Colored areas indicate there is a recording during that part of the day on the channel corresponding to the line its on. Click on the grid in the area of the timeline you wish to view and you will see a white line appear. You may click again to reposition the line to another spot.


Once you have the desired point in time selected(the time the line is on will be reflected in the bottom left) you may press playback to view your video. You will be taken to a playback screen as shown below where you may watch the recorded video.

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