“HELP! I suddenly can’t see my cameras remotely!”

If you were able to access your DVR remotely, and you are not able to access it any more, it may be that your external IP address has changed.  This video describes how to fix a changed IP address, as well as several other reasons why you may no longer be able to connect to your cameras remotely:

To solve this common issue, you should understand some basics about IP address.

Static vs. Dynamic IP addresses:  
·    A static IP address is an address that will never change.  
·    A dynamic IP address is an address that is automatically assigned by something else, such as a router or your Internet provider, and will frequently change.
·    Most residential homes will have a dynamic IP address.  Unless you pay your internet provider for a static IP address, your IP address will change.
·    Think of a static IP address like a home address; it will never change.  A dynamic IP is like owning an RV; it contains all of the stuff you're trying to use but it might have at a new address on any given day.

·    When your dynamic IP address changes, the phone app or web browser will be calling the “wrong number” and will not be able to connect to the DVR.  

·    To fix it, you need to enter your new external IP address into IE or the phone app.


 Here’s how you solve this issue:

  •     From a computer on the same network as the DVR go to www.whatismyip.com.
  •     This will tell you your external IP address.
  •     Is this the IP address you’ve been using?
  •     Begin using this new IP address on your phone and computer when you are outside your home network.


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