How to Setup PTZ Cruise on the DT-SFN6

The first thing you will need to do would be to store the presets that you would like to have in your tour using the PTZ control menu, get to this menu by right clicking with the mouse and then selecting PTZ control. 

From there you will move the camera to the desired location, then specify the number, then select store, and then you will repeat that for each of the stop points that you would like your tour to have.

Once the presets have been set you will then go into the setup, then system setup, then PTZ setup. From there you will add the desired presets to the tour position list by clicking the left and right arrows next to the word preset to select a preset and then clicking the add button. 
You can also specify the "Keep Time" which is the amount of time the camera will sit on that specific preset. Once you have configured the tour how you would like it, you will then start the tour by going back to the PTZcontrol section and checking the box next to tour start.
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