How to Extend the Wireless Signal Range on Zmodo IP Cameras

If you would like to install any number of Zmodo Wireless cameras relatively far away from your router, you can boost the Wireless communication on the camera by installing a 2W 2.4Ghz Wifi Wireless Broadband Amplifier onto the camera.

A Wireless Broadband Amplifier is only compatible with wireless cameras with antennas such as the ZMD-ISV-BFS23NM, ZP-IBH13-W, and ZP-IBI13-W.  This device is not compatible with the ZH-IXA15-WC, EZCam ZM-SH721, or ZP-IDP15-W models because these cameras do not have antennas.

In order to use a Wireless Broadband Amplifier, you will need to connect the amplification device to the antenna port on the camera, and connect the amplification device to a power source that is separate from the camera's power source.

We tested the Wireless Broadband Amplifier from the link above with several wireless Zmodo cameras, and we've found that attaching the amplification device to the camera increases the wireless range by approximately 30 feet.

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2014-10-21 08:24
Amanda Mayer
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