What does the ring on the top of the Pivot mean?

The Pivot has an indicator ring on the top, the status of the light can tell you about the state of the camera.


Solid Blue: The Pivot is connected to WiFi and ready to go, you will see a solid blue light once the setup is complete.
Blinking Blue: The Pivot is attempting to connect to WiFi, you will see a blinking blue light after entering the WiFi password in the Zmodo app during setup.


Solid Green: The Pivot is booting, you will see a solid green light when the Pivot is first plugged in.
Blinking Green: The Pivot is ready and waiting to connect to your WiFi, you will see a blinking green light during the setup, and anytime the Pivot is reset.


Off/Gray: The Pivot is powered off, you will see the light turn off if the pivot is unplugged from the wall, this indicates the Pivot is not receiving any power.
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